Chennai India Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotels & Resorts today announced the opening of the first Hilton Hotel Chennai in the Indian city of Chennai. This upscale, full-service hotel is one of the first and only Hilton hotels in India, boasting a 1,500 square foot lobby, 2,000-seat restaurant and a 5-star spa and fitness center. It also houses the largest private golf course in the world with a capacity of more than 1.5 million square meters.

The staff is friendly and helpful and can arrange car rental or rickshaw for sightseeing or transfers to the airport or train station. The international airport is less than 10 km away and there are easy access roads and public transport.

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The elegant Tranquebar is the perfect cocktail round to sample the cheroot for an evening of cigars and fine malts. The elegant Vintage Bank Bar, which will be brought to life on Friday evening with live jazz, will be sampling a fine wine-cheese affair. Taj Connemara's Afternoon Tea Service, served at Lady Connamara Bar and Lounge, is popular, as are the colonial-inspired cocktails, while the Taj's afternoon tea with tea, coffee, tea and coffee is a perfect place for a sundowner.

Other facilities include a fully equipped fitness centre with gym, gym and gym. Other amenities include an indoor pool, spa, sauna, steam room and fitness area.

Each room has a private bathroom, private shower, coffee and tea room and a private dining room with kitchen.

Guests of the hotel can also enjoy the view of the city from their rooms, as well as the view from the terrace. The hotel also offers hiking tours of Chhattisgarh and other parts of the Indian capital. In addition to on-site dining, ITC Grand Chola also organises food and drink in the city, such as the Food Sherpa Trail around City, which includes carefully selected local restaurants. The Victorian tiles in the dining room and the chandeliers in each room are particularly charming.

Each room offers a view of the city, as well as the view from the terrace and the view of Chhattisgarh and other parts of India. Rooms will be available for pre-bookings from October 2016, rooms in November and December 2016.

For guests who want to keep up with their training regime while on the road, the hotel offers impressive leisure facilities, including a rooftop infinity pool with views of the city and surrounding area, and a spa and fitness centre. After a relaxing day, relax with quick workouts in the 24-hour gym or simply in the outdoor pool, pamper yourself in the Jiva Spa and relax by the pool. Keep up your fitness routine by hitting the - watch gym or finish off your day with a quick workout in a 24-hour gym. The rooftop infinity pool overlooking the Chennai skyline is lined with swaying palm trees.

After a long day, pamper yourself at the Bodhi Spa or dive into the 1920s San Francisco's three-story steam and whistle bar, perfect for after-work cocktails. The rooms are spacious and well equipped and guests can enjoy a contemporary feel as the decor of the rooms and public areas reflects the old Madras. These quiet rooms feature a soothing interior and a wide range of amenities, including a spa and fitness centre, a 24-hour gym, an outdoor pool and an indoor pool.

The 108 rooms, including two suites, are decorated in a neutral colour palette, which occasionally conveys a lively, young atmosphere with a splash of colour. Café Est offers freshly brewed teas and coffees, as well as a wide selection of snacks and drinks. An iPad-controlled room control system controls the light, light and sound of the rooms and public areas in the hotel. It offers a unique experience, the first of its kind in India, with an open-air terrace overlooking the city and sea and overlooking the Chennai skyline.

More About Chennai

More About Chennai