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Delhi may be king when it comes to street food, but there are some sensational South Indian flavours that float through the crazy streets of Chennai if you know where to look, of course. Delhi Highway, as its name suggests, is a way to enjoy the best South Indian food in the world, and some of them offer the most fantastic Carnatic music. If you love it and do it yourself, you will also experience something special when you visit one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

Nair Mess also serves some of the best vegetarian dishes you can find in Chennai, such as chicken nachos, chicken tikka masala and chicken kabobs. In addition, you will find a wide selection of different chicken, beef, lamb, pork, fish, poultry and seafood. So you have outlets all over the world and in Chennai where you can eat. Make sure you deliver the goods with one of these vegetable specialties from the south.

Sangeetha Veg restaurant offers a friendly pocket-sized breakfast, and if you love dosa, make sure you visit the Seena Bhai Tiffin Center in the Soviet Union. They practice traditional Tamil cuisine, in which they learn the secrets of spices and

It is also the cradle of South Indian cuisine and hosts some of the best things to eat, such as Chennai's street food mentioned in this list. Google Googled this article to learn more about food in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu and tell us what you eat!

Without a doubt, the food served by the South Indian people of Chennai is really very tempting and delicious, and so we were surprised to learn that the Round Rock restaurant is named after one of the most famous South Indian restaurants in the world. The culinary image in Chennai is too tempting, but also extremely delicious, which makes it different from the other restaurants in Tamil Nadu and other parts of India. Down in South Chennai, Murugan's Idly Shop is a South Indian eatery that has grown to 17 eateries across Chennai since its inception. It all started in a city in Madurai and has since moved to its current location in Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai's second largest city.

They serve a range of delicious South Indian dishes and are famous for their deliberate use of ghee in their dishes. We tried some of the most popular dishes such as chicken tikka masala and pakodas, as well as the kabaddi and dal.

Taste Mumbai directly at the King of Vadapav Purasawalkam, try the burgers from Bombay and you won't be disappointed.

Mysore is located in the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka, and the sweets may share their name with the city, but the south of the vast country is actually made up of two distinct regions: Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the country's two largest states. In Kerala, Andras food is most common in Madras and there are a number of popular joints serving up a variety of chutneys. It is made with rice and usually served with sambar and coconut butter And it's a popular joint, served with chutney in many variations.

There are other places where you can enjoy one of the best street food in Chennai, but there is no doubt that it is the most popular street food in the city and certainly the one with the greatest popularity.

If you think Chaat Idyll is one of the most popular street food that Chennai is known for, then you should try it for yourself. It can be found in all the alleyways, but also on the streets of Chennai, in the city centre and even in some parts of Tamil Nadu.

Although Chennai does not have its own version of biryani, the city has two world-famous bicycles and dishes to serve. So the best reason to devour it in Chennai is the special dish that is prepared for Muslims at weddings.

The city may not have its own version of biryani, but there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular dishes to eat and will never go away.

One of the best reasons to visit Chennai, India, is the amazing halal food that is available everywhere. Of the lush street food, Chennai is the most interesting city that gourmets and explorers will love. Chennai has a wide variety of different types of food from different cultures and cuisines.

This is a simple and healthy lunch that will satisfy the hunger for the rest of us and it is the perfect meal for a busy day in the city or even a night out on the town.

Located on Mint Street in George Town, people from all over Chennai come here to enjoy this delicious street food and great views of the city. Idiyappam is a popular street dish in Chennai, as it is made from rice flour and served with coconut milk curry. This is another popular street shop serving delicious chaat items and a hit with locals. The Soulgarden Bistro does a good job with its delicious food and nice atmosphere.

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